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Law enforcement ammunition – our core areas

57mm Multi Purpose Launcher
  This system was developed especially for law enforcement services as well as
  peacebuilding and peacekeeping operations of rapid reaction forces. With our
  effi cient system, the number of personnel and ammunition required can be mini-
  mized. The launcher is covering an operational range from 20 to 160 metres.

Agent Spray Device
  We developed a portable agent spray device with a unique mixing technology,
  which has an operational range of 0 to 25 metres. During the operation, two dif-
  ferent agents can be added to the water. The stream can be adjusted from a
  concentrated jet to a fog by turning the nozzle.
  40mm Grenade Launcher Ammunition LV – 12/70 Shotgun

The 40mm launcher ammunition LV and 12/70 shotgun ammunition
  were espe- cially developed for special operation commandos and other special units. The
  many different operations and missions call for customized ammunition. We co-
  ver all these mission specifi c requirements of our customers.