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Ammunition – our core areas

.50 Training and Combat Cartridge
  Our .50 cartridges with a two-part projectile core have a considerably reduced
  ricochet risk and are therefore much safer. The danger zone of our cartridges is
  below 300 meters, which is far below the 3000 meters of our competitors. We
  also produce cartridges with the calibre 12.7mm x 107.

Blank Cartridges
  All blank cartridges are available in brass or plastic version. The cartridges of the
  calibre 12.7mm, 7.62mm and 5.56mm are also available in linked confi guration.
  Our blank cartridges in the calibre 5.56mm are packaged in transparent plastic
  boxes enabling the user to see whether combat cartridges are in the box or not.

Sniper Ammunition
  We are the market leader in the fi eld of sniper ammunition in the calibre .50 for
  all current sniper rifl es. Our customers were utterly convinced by the precision
  of our cartridges so that we decided to put our main development focus on this