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Backstop Systems – our contribution to the environment

For over twenty years, the contamination of the soil by lead on civil and military
shooting ranges has been a recognized problem. Up to this day, artifi cial backstop
systems are mostly made of wood, wooden chips, plastic boards or plastic chips.
All these materials require an extensive effort when it comes to disposal.

We developed a new backstop system which offers the following
economic and ecological advantages:

A small effort for disposal. The bullets are collected in a bullet trap and burst into
  fragments and powder at its back wall. Once a year the resulting lead powder can
  be extracted and recycled by melting.

Air-pollution laws are adhered, too. Because no lead dust can leave the bullet trap,
  this system contributes to a major reduction of environmental pollution.

Inexpensive conversion. Replacing your old backstop systems by our product is
  inexpensive and can be done at any time.